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395 MATIC | ~$200,-

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We‘re forecasting 100 films that raise funds through PikaPixel over the next 12 months.**

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(100 films)
1 NFT average Yearly ROI

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Where we use the investment for?

PikaPixel is in need of a first shot to get established in this amazing industry. With your investment we will do the following:

  • Register the PikaPixel company
  • Raise funding to create a Liquity Pool for our to be launched token
  • Establish marketing funding

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  • * 3% of the total revenue generated by the film crowdfunds are used and divided amonst all holders. As holder of 1 NFT holder you will share 3% among all other holders.
  • ** Although we forecast 100 film projects the first 12 months, this is not guaranteed. PikaPixel is not liable for damage resulting from inaccuracies or incompleteness in the information provided. As an investor you should always be aware and do your own research of the investments you make.