PikaPixel Partners with BAFTA Qualifying Film Festival CBFF

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Crypto Filmmaking Pitch Portal PikaPixel.net Partners with BAFTA Qualifying Film Festival CBFF

Crypto Independent Filmmaking Pitch Portal PikaPixel.net Partners with Major UK BAFTA Qualifying Film Festival

Big news as the world of crypto and independent movie making come ever closer together.

The revolutionary movie budget raising pitch portal PikaPixel.net have teamed up with the Welsh based BAFTA and IMDb qualifying film festival, the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival.

The Carmarthen Bay Film Festival CBFF is now in its 13th year and annually receives over 800 submissions from over 65 countries around the world, across it 13 categories.  It has become an important stepping stone to the Gold Globes and the Oscars and is highly respected worldwide, attracting visiting filmmakers from around the world to its four day festival each year.

The announcement of the collaboration between this important festival and PikaPixel.net was made during their CBFF2024 Nomination stream when the Director of Festivals, Simon Howlett, also announced that PikaPixel.net’s sponsorship if the prestigious Short Film category.


This key partnership marks a true real world application of tokenisation, NTFs and the block-chain within the film industry, as film loving crypto fans can now back and co-finance independent movies for the Polygon (Matic) token equivalent of a cup of coffee. 

With the ongoing development and roll out of additions features within the PikaPixel ecosystem such as on demand streaming, once a film has been shoot and released, those holding NFTs in this movie within their portfolio, will benefit from any streaming revenue it generates upon PikaPika.net.

Suddenly short and independent films are no longer merely calling cards to break into the direction and production of feature films, but now can earn the filmmaker, their crew and backers a real return upon their work and investment.

A portfolio of movie backing NFTs has become an interesting way to a passive income while backing the content you want to see.

As the number of movies going live continue to grow, the PikaPixel pitch portal is already causing quite a storm in the film world and its truly ground breaking potential is also beginning to be recognised in the Cryptosphere.

Join the waitlist to participate in the PikaPixel Founder NFT drop of 2500 NFTs to gain exclusive benefits and ongoing revenue share from the PikaPixel.net Pitch Portal.

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The CBFF – PikaPixel.net collaboration is a signification step to breaking the stranglehold of Big Cine upon independent movie makers and the dawn of a new crypto drive film industry.  Jump on board, starting building your movie portfolio and let's burn the rule book!

PikaPixel.net – Let the Revolution Begin!

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PikaPixel Partners with BAFTA Qualifying Film Festival CBFFPikaPixel

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