The Indie Film Revolution Starts Here!The PikaPixel Vision
Truly Independent Filmmaking.

Indie film is in crisis. Filmmaking is prohibitively expensive. BIG CINE; the major studios, the big distributors and the big streamers have created a barrier to all but a handful of indies. Through our collaboration with a BAFTA nominating film festival we know there‘s a wealth of indie talent out there and we know there‘s a market for their films. The first step in the PikaPixel indie film revolution is to enable truly independent film funding to break the BIG CINE STRANGLE-HOLD.

What‘s PikaPixel?

Filmmakers -we call them Makers- use the PITCH PAD to share projects including their synopsis, visuals, budget, their biogs and anything else they want to tell the world. They then issue NFT‘s in the shape of a run of posters for their film. The Makers determine the price and number of NFT‘s they wish to release. Those people who love the film pitch - we call them Shakers- can then choose to buy NFT‘s of the film.

PikaPixel Founder NFT Benefits

  • Receive PikaPixel $REELs on token launchday
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Free Exclusive access to PikaPixel and partner events.
  • PikaPixel Makers 1% boost.

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0.08 ETHex. gas fee * | ~ 200 usd.

* You must have funds in your wallet for the gas fees.

Backed by top industry leaders

Camarthan Bay Film Festival
Polygon Labs
Dynamic XYZ

The Movie Business Sucks... It‘s time to burn the rulebook!

How to buy PikaPixel Founder NFTs?

Setup a wallet

Setup a wallet of your choice and connect to this website.

Reserve ETH

Make sure you have reserved ETH to mint the NFT. Be sure you have more then the mint price because of gasfees.

Mint NFTs

When you have reserved ETH, then click on mint NFTs and go through the steps prompted by the website and your wallet. Once transaction is successfull you have received your NFTs.

Earn Revenue

Every quarter PikaPixel will unlock the revenue earned. You need to connect your wallet which holds the NFTs in order to claim your funds.

Invest In

Become a founding member by buying a PIkaPixel Executive Producer NFT. With this NFT you earn interest from PikaPixel‘s revenue.


  • Launch Film Pitch Platform

  • Launch Founder NFTs

  • Launch Founder Platform

  • Launch $REEL Tokens

  • Payout first Revenue share


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