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I've been optioned six times for my feature film screenplays and my last two secured development funding; Goats & Sheep (Creative Europe) and more recently White Hope (Ffilm Cymru). My fifth short film A Father's Love is now poised for the festival circuit. A psychological anti-hero thriller about how love can become pathological. It's a fiercely independent production starring the fiercely talented Mo Sesay (currently in the West End, and lead in the seminal 1990's film Young Soul Rebels). My previous shorts have won awards and made official selection in a number of festivals including BAFTA and Oscar nominating festivals. Two of my previous films also secured distribution RUF 992M (Shorts International) and Our Cyprus (Shorts TV). When I'm not writing and or directing I love to share the craft of filmmaking, I'm a former head of a degree and continue to lecture in the crafts of screenwriting, directing and film production.