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Activate, Fund & Offer exclusives! PikaPixel gives you insight in your fans to engage with your community.

PikaPixel | New Era of Film Industry

PikaPixel, New Era of Film Industry

PikaPixel sets course to revolutionise the filming industry. We believe in a fair and open industry. An open space for the creators and the ultimate fandom experience.

PikaPixel | Funding


Are you looking to raise funds for your next project? Activate your fans and ask them to fund your next project.

PikaPixel | Unlock next-level Fandom

Unlock next-level fandom.

Meet your new fans. Your backers have a vested interest in promoting your films. You have direct insights who these supports are and lets you connect with and reward your biggest supporters.

PikaPixel | Your Films, Your Journey

Your Films, your journey!

Keep creative freedom and control. Your fans share in your success. They aren‘t here to shelve your films, change your creativity, or change the way you like to promote your amazing films.

Are you ready? Become a Creator!

Are you ready to revolutionise the Filming Industry with us? Don‘t wait, join PikaPixel as a creator and be able to create crowdfunds for your upcoming projects and activate your community and let them feel like they‘re special to do something exclusive for them.

To become a creator you have to apply to our "Become a Creator" form. Our team will check if you have an active community, verify if the creator matches the submission. Although we look for active fanbase from creator, it does not mean we do not accept talents / students.

Important is that you have some basic experience with blockchain, NFTs in general, and a crypto wallet.

Click on one of the "become a creator" buttons, connect your wallet, sign the verification message and in your Dashboard, click on the Become a Creator button. Behind it you will find a form. Once you have filled in the form, our team will connect with you shortly.