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Raise film production funds using PikaPixel’s innovative blockchain-based crowdfunding platform

Calling all creators

Calling all Creators

Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional funding models and start harnessing the power of decentralised finance to fund your films.

With PikaPixel, total creative freedom is guaranteed.

PikaPixel | New Era of Film Industry

Become a Creator

Start your PikaPixel journey by becoming a creator. Set up your Creator Profile and tell us more about the project you‘d like to crowdfund. We also recommend joining our PikaPixel Creator Telegram Chat for support and to meet your fellow Creators.

PikaPixel | Funding

Create a Crowdfund

Once your profile has been approved, you can launch your first crowdfund. Set your own uncapped targets and harness the power of decentralised finance to meet them using our innovative blockchain-based platform built on the Polygon network. With PikaPixel you are limited only by your own ambition.

PikaPixel | Unlock next-level Fandom

Mobilise your Fandom

Raise funds through your network. PikaPixel provides a revolutionary way for film fans to support the filmmakers they love and help the films they love to become a reality. Galvanise your fandom by promoting your crowdfund on social media and encourage them to support your latest venture. Utilise the power of many to raise your target budget.

PikaPixel | Your Films, Your Journey

Reach your Target

Watch your project reach its milestones as your crowdfund takes off amongst your network and beyond. You can boost your project amongst PikaPixel‘s network by connecting with us on social media. Together, we will revolutionise film funding and the filmmaking industry.

PikaPixel | Start Your Project

Start your Project

It‘s time to bring your vision to reality. With PikaPixel, you can start using your funding once you reach 50% of your target budget and we will never place stipulations on how you use your funding. You will always maintain creative freedom and control over your project when you raise funds through PikaPixel.

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Are you ready? Become a Creator!

Are you ready to revolutionise the Filming Industry with us? Don‘t wait, join PikaPixel as a creator and be able to create crowdfunds for your upcoming projects and activate your community and let them feel like they‘re special to do something exclusive for them.