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INVESTING IN FILM is very high risk. INVESTORS need very deep pockets to play and even then seeing a return, well let‘s be honest, that just doesn‘t happen much.

SECURING FINANCE for your film is as likely as winning the lottery and has little to do with your talent or how good your idea is.


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PikaPixel enables filmmakers to raise production funds that are unbound by the constraints of traditional funding models. Funding raised on our platform is unconditional and will never limit your creative freedom or influence the creative process. By connecting creators directly with their backers, PikaPixel removes third-party funding bodies and paves the way for an industry that is funded by the filmmaking community for the filmmaking community.

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A revolutionary way for film lovers to support their favourite films and filmmakers on the journey from concept to creation and beyond. Backers contributions will enable filmmakers to do what they do best – creating worlds, universes and stories that change perceptions, push the boundaries, and echo throughout the ages. PikaPixel harnesses the power of many to break down creative barriers and unleash the true potential of unbound creativity.


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